Sandy Brodsky - Custom Built Bass Guitar

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Authentic Guitars was started in 2009 after we had the opportunity to record a special collection of Les Paul's guitars. Les had recently passed on and it was an extra special chance to get to review some of his personal instruments. In a short time much intrust came our way and we started acquiring more video content and established a website and Youtube channel.

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These special people have talents that enable them to turn raw materials into beautiful instruments. Repairs of all types are included in the work that they do.


The businesses in this area are music match makers. Taking the time to understand a players wants and needs and locating an instruments to is a perfect fit.


Communicating their emotions through their music is what it is all about for these men and woman. Continuously honing their craft is their passion.


Here are today's most innovative manufacturers. New emerging technologies are making better instruments more affordable.


Authentic Guitars